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My spoo puppy was diagnosed with cherry eye a few months ago, the vet wanted to take an aggressive approach to treating it but apparently the drops that worked well were on backorder and so she gave me steroid drops which didn't really do anything...flash forward to last week and my boy is having weird eye gunk that my new vet gave me ointment for, and went away right away only to come back intermittently. I initially thought the eye gunk was allergies but now I'm wondering if they're related. I requested an appointment with an eye veterinarian.

Questions for the forum:
  • The eye gunk started after his last grooming session with a new groomer - is it possible something happened at the groomer? Except the vet fully examined his eye and couldn't find anything (they did a foxtail level search)
  • Does anyone have experience and guidance on cherry eye? Did your poodle get eye gunk too? Please share!
  • Does this fall under a health guarantee? Not that I think I could ever give my boy back to the horrible woman I got him from in exchange for another puppy to try to be patient with thru teenage phase, but should I let her (the breeder know)? Is this a genetic defect that breeders need to monitor for?
  • He's a cream boy, is this at all related to his coloring, or allergies (he seems to have allergies to other things).
Thanks in advance!!

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I'm so sorry. This sounds stressful for you and your spoo. :(

I don't have any experience with cherry eye, but Peggy's prone to eye discharge (thick, greenish-yellow, sometimes even sticks her eyelids together in the morning) which I think we've officially linked to environmental allergies. She was guaranteed to get it a day after every grooming appointment until I asked our groomer to use only water on her face and use this on her body:

I actually just stocked up, because it's currently unavailable where I usually shop, which makes me scared it'll be discontinued.

Since we've implemented this new system with our groomer, the goop hasn't happened again after any appointments.
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