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Chase now @ 6 1/2 mths old

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Some of you may remember Chase as a baby. He has grown into a lovely boy so far. He has only done 5 shows and won 3 x DCC & RUBOB, and a BOB :D

Sorry I havnt been on much lately, got so much going on of late.
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Garrrrrrr, they didnt upload, will put them up from photobucket.
It was a windy day, so his hair is a bit messed in some pics.

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He is a Very beautiful boy! You should be very proud.
Wow! Only 6 and a half months! He has very beautiful hair!
WOW, Sivaro, what a stunner! Major congrats on his great winning, he looks like he deserves it very much!! Amazing the hair he has for 6 1/2 months old! :)
Is he a toy or a mini? He's gorgeous and his hair is THICK!
Oh Sivaro, You sure breed em' and pick em' right, Chase is absolutely gorgeous. Major congrats on his wins. Nice to hear from you again, have missed your posts and great pics of your fur babies.
Thankyou everyone on your lovely replies.

Kpoos, he is a toy poodle. He is really tiny but it doesnt show that in the pic.

Thanks FUZBUTZ, yes I was pm'd, as someone else was wondering what happened to me.
He is a very stunning looking toy, I love the way he is leaning back and staring in the 1st pic
lol, that first pic he was looking up at me self stacking as my friend took the pic. My other friend removed the lead from the pic.
Oh wow he is beautiful! And only 6.5 months?? He's absolutely gorgeous. :) I love his hair, it's so thick and pretty.
Wow, he is really beautiful and congratulation on his winnings :clap2:
Wow Sivaro!!!

Chase is absolutely gorgeous, and that hair, that face, that stance!!! Congratulations. :cheer2:
He'll probably finish before he's 12 months as nice looking as he is. I'd love to see movement sometime if you ever video him.
What a gorgeous little guy.
Just beautiful.
Sivaro Chase looks excellent !

his coat is so lush and thick congrats on your wins :D
Oh Sivaro, he's matured very nicely. I have to admit, when I see your toys I start thinking I could have one of those. Either a toy or miniature. I bet the amount of grooming involved is significantly less then a standard.
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