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Charlie's tummy

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Charlie is going to be 6 months old on the 5th of Oct and he's a mini. He is very food driven and does not miss a meal for any reason. He's also teething and is in much discomfort. Our vet said that it's amplified with smaller breed dogs, well that everything is...they're more dramatic.

We can hear his little tummy gurgling and he threw up a little bit this morning and now he won't touch his breakfast. Any ideas on what to give the little guy for an upset tummy?
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Thanks for replying JM! :) My husband looks in his mouth several times a day to see how close he is to losing certain teeth that really seem to be bothering him. He actually jumped back to his normal self about 45 minutes or so after I originally posted. I am so glad that you figured out what was wrong with Chantel! Charlie is about to go get neutered soon and if his teeth are still bothering him by that time, our vet said she would pull them for us.
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