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If he is teething, check his teeth. He could have a retained baby tooth or a broken one that is infected. I just went through this with Chantel. She was fine two days ago but yesterday she threw up her breakfast, then kept throwing up lots of phlegm. I was very worried and opened her mouth to check her gums to make sure she wasn't anemic and saw that her bottom canine was broken in half and it was turning black. I realized right away that it had to be an infection and the pain that was causing it. I took her to the vet right away, they pulled the tooth and she was immediately back to her normal self. She is on antibiotics because of the infection. So, anyway, one thing you can do is check his mouth for anything wrong with the teeth.

If all is ok in the mouth and he is still acting ill, I would call your vet and ask if they should see him.
Good luck!
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