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I just wanted to let everyone know that my sister-in-law, Jessica, has started her online business for charcoal representations of your favorite subject. A lot of people have asked for pictures of their furbabies as well as their children. It's fantastic the level of detail she is able to bring to her work.

As you may know, drawing with charcoal is different, in that the artist lets the white from the canvas show through in order to get the 'highlights' of an image. Almost painting in reverse. All I know is that this would totally confuse me! She has two german shepard mixes that she rescued from the local animal shelter and has their picture on her website. She also has examples of client's children, pets, and favorite animals. She does still shots and motion shots based on the photo that you send her.

An image created in black and white takes on a different character that lets us see it in a new way. I've seen a lot her drawings and every one of them is just as impressive as the last. I know if you decide to have a picture done of your furbaby or your favorite friend, she will do a great job.

Here is her website, so you can take a look at the examples of her work:


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