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Hi all,

I was told to not change my puppies food. The breeder had him on Purina 1 puppy food.

When i went to the groomer, the groomer said that wasnt good and he gave me 'Fromm grain-free entree'. He gave me a sample of it.

He told me to mix it in.

What do people think. He was very nice but I cant help to wonder. Do you think he has stock in this food?...lol.

is it a good idea to switch.

I wrote on another post about him not eating, but after I wrote it, the next day he started eating. Not much, but enough for me not to worry about him.

The next question, is seperation anxiety. I cant believe I am writing this.

He likes to follow me around where ever I go. the problem is when I leave him alone. Even when I sneak away when he is sleeping, he wakes up and off he goes.

I give him his kong when I leave. He runs to it, plays, then I slowly walk away, and he stops everything then runs to his gate and starts whinning.

I was allowed to bring him to work, but when i leave my office he starts barking and whinning. I try to not make a big deal of leaving.

It wouldnt be so bad if he stopped after a while, but he doesnt. I pretended to leave the house the other day to see if he calms down, but he didnt, he whinned and barked for almost an hour.

any ideas?

Oh, if someone is with him, hes fine. It doesnt have to be me, He seems to have to be around someone all the time.

and he is good to. As long as he is near you, he will just cuddle up and go to sleep, but a human has to be near him.

not sure how to handle it.

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Your groomer is well informed. Purina isn't the best food out there, and IMO I would switch to something better. Here's something to give you a general idea of some top quality dry foods and their ingredients.


If your going to switch, make the change slowly by adding the new food into his old food. Eventually he will be completely switched over to the new stuff.

As for the separation anxiety, I would leave the house from the front door, wait a few seconds, and then come back in. Keep repeating this process and extending the time a little bit more. Eventually he should know that when you leave you come back.
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