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If you understand genetics, or if you don't and want to try. The fading coats are all because of a dilute gene and Here is some great info on it.

The Dilute gene test is available through DDC Veterinary, who is currently the only animal DNA center to offer DNA services to determine whether or not a dog's coat will fade with age or whether it will produce pups with fading coats. The following explanation from Randall Smith of DDC better explains the meaning of the various dilute gene results (i.e., DD, Dd, and dd): "A parent that is DD is going to pass on the D allele 100% of the time, therefore even when bred to a dd (affected by the dilute gene) or Dd (a dilute gene carrier) it cannot produce a (dd) offspring. Therefore, regardless of the color, there will not be the dilution of color (as the result of this specific locus) in any of the offspring." My summary, a dd dog's coat will fade and all of it's pups' coats will fade if bred to another dd dog; a Dd dog's coat will not fade, but it has a 75% chance of producing fading coats if bred to a dd dog and a 50% chance of producing fading coats if bred to another Dd dog; A DD dog's coat will never fade, and it's pups' coats will not fade, regardless of who it is bred to.

The dog I bred Paris to is tested as DD, and can not produce a fading puppy. :)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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