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I came across a photo of Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi walking their poodle and thought it would be fun to have a thread of celebrity poodle owners. They have a black standard poodle and a small poodle type cross.

Here's an article where Ellen talks about her love of animals: http://www.moderndogmagazine.com/features/ellen-degeneres-life-dogs

Anyone else know of famous (by association) poodles?


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Cool! I didnt know Ellen has a poodle. I like her even more now!
Last one for now, although I am having fun with this!

Singer Joss Stone has a toy poodle.



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I cant seem to find any pictures, but Jack Lemmon (who i Love) owned 2 standards.
I think Robin Williams owns two standard poodles too.
A few more... Montel Williams had his toy poodle take part in his wedding ceremony! He mentions him in the last question below.



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I think Robin Williams owns two standard poodles too.
Yep, I found a family photo (out of date I'm guessing, as I think he's now divorced...)



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I cant seem to find any pictures, but Jack Lemmon (who i Love) owned 2 standards.
He did! It seems his poodle was a big part of his life. Someone even wrote a play about travelling with his dog up to a film set. I couldn't find a photo of Jack with his dog, but I did find a photo of the dog with her travelling companion. :)



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Adam West (Batman and Family Guy) had one, don't know if he still does. I only found one pic and it was old and poor quality.
Fun thread! Found this after a google search:


Dogs have almost always been prominent in the world of arts. A favorite subject of artists, the Poodle probably appears in more works of art and literature than any other dog. There were drawings of Poodles by several artists such as Durer (Germany, 15th and 16th centuries) and Goya (Spain, 18th century). Gertrude stein, Alexander Woollcort and Booth Tarkington were among the first to write about their Poodles.

In addition to being famous by nature, some Poodles also became famous simply for being companions to famous artists and/or celebrities. In his book Why We Love the Dogs We Do, Dr. Stanley Coren gives the following list of celebrities that owned Poodles at lease once in their lives (pp. 274-7). It’s amazing the amount of artists and/or celebrities owning Poodles. Their dogs’ names (if known), appear behind theirs.

Aaron Spelling (Angel)
Albertina Walker (Pierre)
Allen Ludden (Emma & others)
Andrew Wyeth (Eloise)
Barbara Cartland
Barbara Eden (Annie)
Barbara Walters
Barbra Streisand (Sadie)
Betty White (Dancer)
Bob Hope (Mike)
Carol Burnett (Beau Jangles)
Cary Grant (Suzette)
Catherine Cookson
Claudette Colbert (Missy & others)
Dan Rowan
Debbie Reynolds (Killer & several others)
Debi Mazar (Dolores)
Diane Sawyer
Don Adams (Brandy & others)
Don Rickles (Joker)
Doris Day (Bubbles, Columbus, Ivana, Dido, Muffy)
Dorothy Parker (Misty)
Elizabeth Taylor
Elke Sommer (Hasi)
Erma Brombeck (Frosty)
George Sand
Gertrude Stein
Grace Kelly (Oliver & others)
Gypsy Rose Lee (Bootsie)
Helen Hayes (Chiquita)
Ingmar Bergman (Teddy)
Ivana Trump
Jack LaLanne (Gnathy)
Jack Lemmon (Chloe & others)
Jaclyn Smith (Albert & others)
Jacqueline Susann (Josephine)
James Thurber
Jane Alexander (Martini)
Jane Goodall (Gigi)
Janine Turner (Eclair)
Jayne Mansfield
Jennie Garth
Jerre Mangione (Pushkin)
Joan Bennett
Joan Crawford (Cliquot)
Joan Fontaine (Hazber)
Joe Garagolia (Wellington & Napoleon)
John Forsythe (Fallon & several others)
John Lehmann (Chico)
John Mitchell (Buttons)
John Steinbeck
Julie Nixon (Vicky)
Katharine Hepburn (Button)
Kay Ballard (Pockets & others)
Kirk Douglas (Teddy)
Lainie Kazan (Sheltie)
Liberace (Coco & many others)
Louis XIV (white standards)
Louis XVI
Lucille Ball (Tinkerbell)
Margorie Holmes (Tanjay)
Maria Callas (Djedda, Pixie, & several others)
Marie Antoinette
Marilyn Monroe (Maf)
Mary Higgins Clark (Porgy)
Mary Kay Ash (Gigi, Monet)
Mary Tyler Moore (Diswilliam & others)
Michael Gray (Butch & others)
Michael Wilding (Gee Gee)
Mike Nichols
Omar Bradley (Beau)
Oribe (Pierre)
Pablo Picasso
Patrick Swayze (Derek)
Prince Rupert of the Rhine
Red Buttons (Lucy Brown & others)
Robert & Ruth Grossman (Beauregard)
Robert Mondavi (Fume Blanc)
Robert Vaughn (Beans)
Robin Riker (Woody)
Ruth Gordon (Sacha)
Sally Jessy Raphael (Fame)
Sam Wanamaker
Sammy Davis Jr. (Bojangles & several others)
Shirley Jones (Skoshie)
Tallulah Bankhead (Daisy)
Vincent Price (Pablo & many others)
Vivian Leigh (Sebastian)
Walt Disney (Duchess)
Walter Lippmann
Winston Churchill (Rufus I & II)
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Thought I'd bring this thread up again to add another celeb poodle owner. Robbie Williams, the British singer!


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I saw an issue of a "Hollywood" type mag at my dentist's office that had an article about Kirstie Alley - she has a standard poodle, too, but I can't find any pictures... The pictures in the magazine showed the dog in a pretty funky cut!
I have a picture of Doris Day w/ her Poodles.

Oohhh, multi coloured poodles. Cool!
Here's one of Joan Collins!


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