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This picture looks pretty typical, right? Two cute dogs, sitting on command posing and looking at the camera.

Well- it's a milestone.

Trixie, the yorkie, is one of the biggest reasons I am strongly opinionated about good, responsible breeders breeding stable, confident, well socialized puppies. Mom got her, age ~16 weeks, from a BYB, where she had been returned from a situation with a small child that "just didnt work out".

I came home to visit a week later, excited to meet this new puppy, who I was supposed to get to "share". The puppy was terrified of me. She ran from me, and trembled in my moms arms when I approached. In fact, she was terrified of everyone, and everyone said she was the most terrified dog they had ever met. I suspect people thought we beat her! Mom got a bit more info from the breeders, who then ghosted her, but including the detail that she was similarly tempermented to her mother :(

She was a nightmare to potty train, her version of come was and still is to find somewhere nearby that she feels safe and cower there so you can come to her.
By age 1, after many visits I could pet her and she had learned sit- 15 ft away, being thrown treats. By age 2 (after more than a year of going to work with my mom daily) there were select other people she would let pet her and she would sit next to me- never more than a quick butt to floor connection-, and let me pick her up.

Anyway, slow progress continues to this day- right now I am working on duration of sits/downs. Today, this picture, age 5 or so, is the first day I have managed to go from sitting to standing with her not breaking a sit, and Annie and Trixies first posed photo together.

A milestone.

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Wow! The photo made me smile, and then the story made me want to cheer. Your commitment is admirable. Thank you for working so hard to improve the quality of Trixie's very stressful sounding life.

This probably goes without saying, but shame on that breeder for at the very least not being more transparent. :(
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