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Cash is growing up *tear*

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My little Gobber is growing up, he's been cute, but now he's getting just plain handsome! I've decided to grow his coat, top knot, and all that jazz out to practice caring for a show coat, or just long coat.

...oh and a cute pic of Scooter, as you can see his top knot has been cut off, I discovered when I brought him home the people that had him thought they was doing him a favor and getting the hair out of his eyes and whacked half of the top knot off, ugh! Oh well, I'm just happy to have my babies back! :D:D:D


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I can not believe the people who had them cut his hair, gave him a collar... sounds like stories I've heard of dogs stopping by other peoples houses and them taking them inside and not letting them go! CRAZY!!!
That happened to me long ago. We had a purebred dalmation puppy that got loose from the yard. I contacted all the vets I could around where we lived and put up signs everywhere. 1 1/2 years later I was driving up our street (a way I don't normally go) and saw a young dalmation that looked exactly like our Jigsaw. I grabbed some photos of him and would pass by that house as often as I could. They didn't let the dog out very often, but one day I finally got another good look at him and sure enough, he had the exact same spots on the face. I'm not a confrontational person, and didn't even know how I could prove he was originally ours, so I didn't do anything. We were preparing to move overseas anyways and couldn't have taken him.
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