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I am quite annoyed. I saw something red on Merc's ear and thought he was bleeding. Nope. He just has an entire candy cane stuck in his ear hair. Im talking STUCK. His ear hair is wrapped around the candy and I can't pull it out without pulling out his hair and I refuse to cut his hair. I assume I will be able to get it out by soaking it, but Im still annoyed. Jupiter keeps following him around tring to chew on the cane which wouldn't be good. On sunday I looked down at him while we were in church anf he had peanut butter smushed into the hair of the same ear. How do they manage this sort of thing all the time? I'm pretty sure my kids are causing the problems but does Merc HAVE to stick his ears in everything? Silly boy.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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