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Cancer in Dogs and Lawn Chemicals

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I have some neighbors who have totally weed free lush grass. I won't even walk my spoo on the sidewalk past their house. Nor do we go to weed free parks. I am so glad we live near the woods where I can walk natural trails and he can run free.

Love to our dear poodles!

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I agree 100%. I suspect many health issues in humans and pets are due to toxic chemicals in the home environment. Personally, I do not use any toxic substances in our house, yard, or garden. There are better ways to manage pests such as diatomaceous earth, garlic, etc.
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I used to go absolutely nuts when I lived in my apartment complex because they used weed killer on the lawn of a "pet friendly apartment complex," and in order to take your dog to grass that wasn't sprayed, you had to either pick it up or walk it on the sidewalk (which I doubt was safe either) to get to the safe grass. They never emailed to let residents know when they were going to spray, and the flags of course were nowhere in sight. So there were times I was standing in the grass with my dog and my nose started burning, so then I had to look closely at the grass or look for the flag. Now I live with family that sprays their grass, but at least there is a front/backyard situation here. Also makes me nervous to walk my dogs during the summer because so many people in this area spray their lawns.
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Anytime I see an area that has no weeds I am very leery!
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