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Calling all experts please

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:)Ok I am new to the forum and the pic I have to left is black and white BUT, I have noticed some questions from others on What color their poodle is. My BF was told Olie was likely going to be apricot. But I seen a pic today (cute one) that showed apricot and it's not even close to Olies color.

Does nayone have any great pics to show Cream, Appricot, Red and any other listed colors?

There seem to be some very experienced people on here that could help us learning. Thanks
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Olie Recent Pics

Here are a few pics today. I had his BD incorrect. He was born July 18th. He is long and thin but gaining everyday.

We do have his hair clipped short right now.


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Welcome to you and Olie to the Poodle Forum!

This is my little Misa, she is a cream standard. She has the cream on her back, her ears and on her legs. As you can see she looks almost white on her body. But because of any cream on the body it would still be considered a cream even if the dog is say about 95% white.

I would look to see some pictures of Olie when you get some.
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If i had to guess now, I would say that Olie will be closer to Apricot but I could be wrong.
He is a beautiful little boy!
He looks like an Apricot to me. He's cute! :)
My boy's cream, like Misa except darker. His fur is lightening up a lot at the roots, so you can see that where his hair is longer it's darker, like on his legs, ears, and head. We were told Des was an Apricot when we got him, too, because his hair was darker when he was just a baby.

Apricots are darker than creams, and are mostly the same color all over. They seem to be a nice, light, orange/red color and are a lot lighter than your traditional Red poodles. Olie looks like an Apricot to me because of how his whole body is that nice cinnamon color. I'm obviously no expert, but from the poodles I've seen called "apricot" those are what they usually look like. Hopefully some Apricot owners can give you some good pictures to reference. :)

This is Desmond: one was taken a few weeks ago, the other one when he was just a baby. The first one was taken indoors with flash on, which makes his fur look a lot darker than it is, but shows you how he's darker on his head and legs and light on his body.


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I think a sticky with labeled pictures of various colored poodles would be a great addition to this site!
He is an apricot.

here are some pictures of apricot dogs

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Roxy, do you know who the adult in show trim is? Stunning dog, and I am just curious. Thank you!

I agree, and feel the puppy in question is going to be a very light apricot.
Olie is adorable - I would say he is apricot. I think the pic you are talking about was really a red
Here are a couple pics of Sport our apricot and Arreau's I'll follow the sun (Betty Jo) one of our reds. Reds are darker then apricots and have somewhat of a yellow cast to the colour.


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