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Buoy is Ready for the AKC show!

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Just got my little man done for this weekends AKC show. Bindi will be tomorrow!

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Buoy looks beautiful.......amazing color!
I'm so used to seeing standards in the CC! He looks SO handsome in it!
How pretty :)
Wow, he looks great, very masculine. Good luck!
Dahling!!! Good luck!
His coat is amazing! It looks so thick! Hope you finish him fast. Can't wait to see how Bindi does! Good luck....we'll be rooting for you!
He's very handsome! I keep looking at his picture! I wanna rub his silky smooth skin and run my fingers through his hair!!! :smirk:
I love Buoy!!! I'm getting my Buchi on Continental clip in a few months.
Stunning little guy! Great shots, thanks for sharing!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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