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Brush/comb recommendations for poodle who hates being brushed

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My poodle really hates the sensation of bristles. Currently, I use this brush: SAFARI Wire Pin Brush for Dogs | Chewy (Free Shipping) Would really appreciate any recommendations for brushes/combs that will not be felt as much. Thanks!
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I hope you take this response with the gentle love I’m sending it. I may be wrong, it may be your brush, but your brush looks fine to me and I’m wondering if something else is the issue.

Could it be your technique? Could you be brushing with too much pressure, pressing hard on the body?

Does your dog have mats? Is your dog going through coat change when they mat so quickly? Never ever pull on a mat while brushing, use your fingers and a comb to break up a mat before brushing.

i use a slicker on my dog but I don’t push it hard down to her skin. After lightly brushing I comb my dog down to her skin to make sure there’s no mat. I have all kinds of slickers, some of which were bought for cats, some are tipped... I haven’t noticed any difference with them.
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