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This is the breeder I was talking to before I found Flip on Petfinder.
Two of the dogs that come to the clinic are from this breeder.

I am glad I found my rescue dog, I didn't realize she was going to be breeding partis.
I'm partial to solid colors.

I'm guessing this is a BYB???
I didn't get prices on the pups since they haven't gotten back to me since the one time I spoke to her.


So glad I found this forum.
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I wouldn't buy from them. There's no mention of titles or health clearances and they seem to think AKC is a bragging right. Being registered with a decent registry is a bare minimum requirement for breeding, and it only says that about 2 or 3 dogs. Are the rest not even registered? She also lists silver and white as "hard to find." That hasn't been my experience. Silver may not be as popular as black and white, but it's not "hard to find." I think she's using that to get more money for the pups.

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Definitely not going with a puppy right now, since we found Flip.
I know he's not perfectly bred, but I do feel better about doing a rescue.

The two dogs I know from this breeder do have excellent temperaments, but still.
I'm happy with what I have, Flip is a riot.
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