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I am brand new to this board and I am totally excited to join the forum and share my experiences, as well as get to know some poodle owners, (well their alter ego's anyway) I love my little ****zu poodle mix! I got him at 8 months old and I have had him for 8 months now, he is a true joy in my life and he makes me smile all the time! I cannot imagine my life without him now. I have another dog a bigger breed who I've had forever now. So my little poodle sort of has a big brother. The older, bigger one seems to teach the little one!
I am Canadian and the weather is getting so pretty, my dogs now can be outdoors without their winter coats on! I keep my poodles hair short and my other dog has short hair. I plan to upload pics as soon as I take some. The only pics I have now are on my cell phone and I havent yet found my cord to plug it into my pc to share!
I look forward to chatting!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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