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Brand new poodle mom!

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A month ago, I adopted my first dog, a standard poodle named Desmond. He's such a joy! I have loved SPoos for quite a while, and have lurked around these forums a lot. ;) I thought I'd finally get around to introducing myself and my boy.
Once I find my camera I'll get in a couple of pictures and show him off! He's a 4 month old cream boy, and is an absolute dream puppy, haha! He's so well behaved, and has the incredible poodle brains I've heard SO much about!
I hope to be able to talk with some of you brilliant poodle owners- from what I've read, the people on this forum are very knowledgeable about poodle ownership and care. Hopefully I can learn a lot from you guys! =]
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Welcome and congrats on your new addiction!!!! :drum: LOL!!! No really we are here to support it LOL!!! I hope you have loads of fun on here and everyone is willing to answer questions, and if we don't know then WP will reseach it for you! :)hug: WP)
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