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Ok so here I sit at work thinking about this post LoL. I just tried to round the poms on poodle owned by one of the partners in the way you asked about. It didnt work out the way I thought it would. It ended up shortening the overall height of the more than I thought it would. However, that said I think I tend to like taller bracelets than most people do.

It was impossible for me to repeat that method on the back legs at all. I just couldn't get everything to line up with my hand around the pom, my scissors in the other hand and such. SO I had to go back to the way I've always done it. Just fluff the hair on the top of the pom straight up and trim. Which now that I think of it is basicly the same concept as what you were asking about minus actualy holding the pom with your hand. I found today that not holding it up with your hand gave me more control over what hair got cut and how it got cut.
LOL I tried this too, and got the same results has you did. So it is better to fluff and cut.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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