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Bobby went back!!!:(

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Im so angry words wont express it,but as some of you know i was sold a puppy who was very sick and growly .

He didnt really get better and he kept going for us and even the vet the vet said he had a bad temprement.Also when i went back i asked the breeder if i can see the dad of the pup she said he wasnt here at the moment he was at stud so mmm wonder if he was a lab i still didnt get papers off her so its very iffy!
The breeder had took the pups away from their mum at 5 weeks old and kept them in a barn i found all this out,i had a massive row with the breeder and she took the puppy back,i now feel she was a home made puppy farm it was literally a farm with dogs on it only,i should of known :(

I was dumb :(
Well in the barn that bobby was in was a pen of touy poodles the breeder said she was keeping them all,and a pen with a labrador with babies in too.

Well im very upset as are the kids,but on the bright side daisys breeder has just had a litter of pups from daisys sister from a different litter black boys im considering one maybe,but they wont be ready for 7 weeks.
I do miss bobby but he really wasnt happy and his illness didnt help he really didnt like being handled think he didnt have much human contact :(

Also how big does a minature and toy cross get??
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