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bloat question

Ok....as a total poodle newbie...I have a question about bloat. I understand that this is an issue in standard poodles, but wondered if it was also something to look for in toys/minis? 30 minutes ago our little guy got a hold of way too many pieces of chicken jerky and didn't feel very well - enlarged abdomen. My old papillon once got into a box of pizza and her tummy looked pretty much the same (husband left box on coffee table and left the room - 4 lb. papillon had a pizza party). Within 10 min of the chicken jerky massacre, he threw up a large pile of mucus, jerky, and foam. He's now feeling much perkier, abdomen is not swollen, and after wandering around for a few minutes he's back on the couch (sprawled out and relaxed...not curled up and tense).

So...is there something else I need to look for? Besides making sure he doesn't get into the treats again? From what I've read, when a dog has bloat they can't throw up...and the abdomen doesn't go down. He upchucked a tremendous amount...all in one go....and he's pretty much back to his normal size.

I just wanted to check with you guys! Life with border collies never prepared me for this....they are goats and can eat anything. And the papillon, small thing that she was, was a baby goat...and digested the piece and half of pizza that she consumed. Evidently Oliver the toy poodle is a wee bit more delicate.



UPDATE: He's still fine...so I think it was a case of too many treats too fast......whew!
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