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By golly you startled me with all those capitals :rofl:

K9 Force on that forum is pretty full on and it really does just depend on what you want from your dog, his dogs I imagine are great family pets but they are also working dogs who must have complete focus and trust in their handler.

He makes for an interesting read though!

I wouldn't be too concerned tannerokeefe, I'm sure Dutch is a lovely family pet. I certainly didn't restrict T's contact with other dogs and while I am trying to get him think that I am the bees knees and sooooo much better than anyone else, it is proving much more difficult with the poodle than it was with the GSD!

I am using liver treats for T to try and get him to undersatnd that all good things come from me and that he better be right there at all times when I am talking, working, playing with him or else he will miss out. I need to purchase a bum bag (think you guys call them fanny bags or fanny packs) to put the treats in so that I have a treat container I can carry around at all times and have my hands free. We're going through liver treats like they're going out of fashion but I think it is having the desired effect, just need to make sure I have them on my person at all times. The other night I told him to get on his bed, and he did first time and here I am madly searching around for a liver treat to reward him, not very organised :banghead:.

Anyway I'm glad K9 Frce has given you something to think about :bootyshake: :tongue:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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