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BLUE FOX!!!!(I think it was you)

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Ever since you posted that link to that forum(dont know which one now) with the guy that trains dogs I have been second guessing myself and thinking I totally ruined Dutch!! :banghead: He is the guy that says do not let your puppy play with other dogs until they reach a certain age and that you should be the only thing/person your dog is interested in and thinks is fun!! Now everytime I call Dutch and he doesnt respond or is more interested in other dogs and not me that guys opinions run through my head!! What do I do to "fix" Dutch of this problem?? You are soooo in trouble Blue FOx!!:tongue: You have to know my personality to know that I am not seriously mad at you, just giving you grief. :bootyshake:
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By golly you startled me with all those capitals :rofl:

K9 Force on that forum is pretty full on and it really does just depend on what you want from your dog, his dogs I imagine are great family pets but they are also working dogs who must have complete focus and trust in their handler.

He makes for an interesting read though!

I wouldn't be too concerned tannerokeefe, I'm sure Dutch is a lovely family pet. I certainly didn't restrict T's contact with other dogs and while I am trying to get him think that I am the bees knees and sooooo much better than anyone else, it is proving much more difficult with the poodle than it was with the GSD!

I am using liver treats for T to try and get him to undersatnd that all good things come from me and that he better be right there at all times when I am talking, working, playing with him or else he will miss out. I need to purchase a bum bag (think you guys call them fanny bags or fanny packs) to put the treats in so that I have a treat container I can carry around at all times and have my hands free. We're going through liver treats like they're going out of fashion but I think it is having the desired effect, just need to make sure I have them on my person at all times. The other night I told him to get on his bed, and he did first time and here I am madly searching around for a liver treat to reward him, not very organised :banghead:.

Anyway I'm glad K9 Frce has given you something to think about :bootyshake: :tongue:
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lol!! like you, I just want him to think I am all he desires!! My brother has a free gift from Backwoods(outdoors store) and I believe it is a Bum Pack(fanny pack, whatever) and I keep telling him I want it!! He wants to know why, but I dont want to tell him my reasoning because then he may want to keep it!!:tongue: I CANNOT get what K9 Force said out of my mind!!! ARGH.... Dutch coming to me when called is a big one I need to work on too1! I think the dogs he works with are GSD, arent they?
Getting him to come to you when called is important.
Using a really long leash or a rope gives you great control.
I prefer a really long rope and a nice large field...school yards are great after hours.
Poodles are really smart but can be stubborn.
Treats are great if the dog is food motivated.
If not, favourite toy works really well.
Lots of positive reinforcement as they tend to be quite sensitive.
Also..figure out when you want to do the training and follow the same schedule.
Like kids,they thrive on routine.
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