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Dear Poodle people,
Poodles is my passion and hobby! Love to groom and show quality dogs!

I am breeding occasionally. Please visit my site for additional information on what and how I am doing and feel free to drop me a line if you have any poodle related questions.

I have few spots available for miniature and toy poodle grooming in San Francisco.
Full Grooming includes Ear trimming and nail cutting. Also if you bring me a puppy and stick with me for a while, I will be able to clean teeth avoiding expansive full sedation in the future. I also can do show quality trims - Puppy, Continental or English Saddle. Pricing is reasonable.

Please email me if you are interested:
[email protected]


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I've enjoyed watching you prep for the ring at GGKC shows 馃槉. You just quietly work away, concentrating on the Mpoo in front of you. If Oliver were younger, I'd maybe retry him at a pro groomer like you. The one time I had him groomed, he did quite poorly. He was 4 1/2 and I had gotten him about six months earlier, so had no idea of his previous grooming experiences.

I saved up and got some good equipment and of course can't touch your exquisite grooms, but continue to practice and try to keep him comfy. And while they said he would bite, he's never bitten me for grooming.

I look forward to attending future shows and seeing your lovely exhibits again 馃槉馃惄.
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