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Okay so I'd tried tons of different methods to get Leeroy to learn to not bite, and none of them worked.

Number one is it's yer choice / impulse control. This helps overall.

Number two... And this was a recent game changer... Is to say OUCH firmly and loudly, getting louder if they don't stop biting. You don't say it angrily, and you DON'T pull away. This took some practice for us. But the second they DO stop and look up at you, you then talk calmly and pet them and say 'yes' or 'good boy' or whatever you like to say.

If they don't seem to get it and keep biting, then you walk off or stand up and turn your back to them, so you remove yourself from the equation.

This is working very quickly for us. Granted Leeroy is a year and 8 months old so he doesn't have his puppy teeth, but he DOES constantly nip, mouth, and bite like a puppy would.

Anyway what this does is it teaches them to change from biting to mouthing to no mouth contact at all. Leeroy actually sometimes licks instead of bites now, and a few times I've even seen him decide to not bite when he acts like he's going to.

I hope this helps!

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Yelping never worked for me but I will acknowledge that for many people with mouthy dogs it does work. I don't mind mouthing, but I better not feel pressure from your teeth on my flesh. I am working with a very nice young GSD bitch privately right now. Having been to their home now 5 or 6 times she has gotten very relaxed with me and she is starting to mouth with a little pressure. Working on that will be our project this week since I see her do it to her owner too.

I am always happy to see you giving us good updates on Leeroy. You are doing a great job.
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