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The way we did it with our Dobermann puppy (who is nearly 4 months), was by every time he bit or mouthed us (which was a lot! got a bleeding nose once from him), we just made a high pitched yelping sound and then walked away and ignored him. Now at nearly 4 months old, he doesn't even think to bite, mouth or pull at our clothes, because he knows he isn't going to get any attention from it, which is what he wants. So now he saves his biting for playing with the other dogs!
Ironically, I just got this exact same advice from a long time Standard Poodle owner and groomer! She said, YELP loudly, like a wounded puppy, and walk away! Ignore the dog for a few minutes and then repeat if needed for as many times as it takes. Poodles are a mouthy breed and it's very important to correct this behavior as soon as possible!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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