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Everything in stages with pups and yes the yelping works as they then learn how hard they can bite to.
I agree with the book that you want a dog to feel skin and know when to stop. She is a puppy and is still learning so the lound yelp and ignoring should work if your consistant.
Sometimes playing tug or what not the exitment of the game they get my hand they both know instantly it is my hand and stop. I would prefere my guys knew my skin was gentle then never feeling it at all.

My English mastiff would sit with hubbies hand in his mouth all night just holding it while watching tv and it was their thing. He would also sometimes hold my hand while we went for a walk but he knew how hard was to hard and during play with hubby as they did a lot of wrestling a quick YELP would remind him who he was playing with.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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