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Bit the bullet - ordered grooming supplies

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I just ordered all the grooming supplies I've collected on my wishlist because 1. I'm tired of my girls coming back from the groomer's later and later each time (it used to take 1.5hrs per pup, now it takes 2.5hrs or more sometimes), and 2. never being cut how I asked them to be cut (always close but there's just 1 thing I keep asking for and have provided countless pictures but she never does it) and finally 3. I know I can do this myself with some patience and practice so I don't see why I should keep spending the money when I could be saving it. Oh, and 4. I really hate how long the pups nails are and want to work on making them shorter, and 5. the groomer seems to have trouble with the fact that I don't say "same as last time" all year, and actually want some things changed each time, which makes me feel like a difficult client and also frustrated at the same time.

I got the Wahl Bravura clippers as a Christmas present from my mom and that did it for me. I decided not to wait any more wishing I could get everything - I just ordered everything off my wishlist which was created after almost 2 years of reading recommendations on here and reviews on amazon.com. The only thing I didn't order was the forced air dryer as it was the same cost again of everything else together, and I just need to save up a bit more for that. I plan to start with face/feet/tail which I should be able to do without the dryer for now. Then I will start practicing on their bodies in between professional grooms and see how I do.

I got a small grooming table with an arm that I can set on my coffee table (so I can sit) or on my kitchen table and it spins so I won't need to walk around the whole table to get to the other side of the dog. That is a plus since my place has tiny rooms and most surfaces are already against a wall which means no walking around to the other side. I know from years working as a dishwasher and from just bathing my pups in the kitchen sink that my back is not going to be happy with standing and bending to groom so we'll see which works best depending on how high it is when everything is set up.

Believe it or not, I am most excited about the comb I ordered, as I have not had a real comb yet for them, and have made due with a pin brush, a slicker, and a very wide tooth comb that looks more like a mini rake than a pet comb. I have been trying to get mats out of Chuui's hind legs for the last three days and I am dreading her appt. tomorrow at the groomer's because of all the mats. Despite my speaking conversational Japanese, and the groomer speaking passable English, we still seem to misunderstand each other and she apparently thinks I don't want her to EVER trim the hair on their legs, though I try to explain I want her to let the hair be long, but keep it trimmed to about 1 inch. I figured grooming supplies were a better bet in the long run, over more Japanese classes. :D

What I will have new:
Wahl Bravura clippers with 5 in 1 blade (received for Christmas)
Wahl Bravura Mini clippers
Wahl Bravura Metal Comb set
Spinning Grooming table with arm
Arco comb with grip
Dog nail clippers with file
4-piece grooming scissors set

What I still need to get:
Chris Christensen Kool Pup Dog Grooming Dryer
Ear cleaning solution (still researching best stuff to make or get)
Practice using my husband's Dremel on their nails
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Also - don't feel guilty! :) I think that for as many people that take their dog to the groomer matted due to not brushing, there are the same number who were brushing but incorrectly. It's a learning process and not a huge deal! With a dryer and some better brushing tools and a desire to learn how to properly brush, you'll be in great shape!
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Thank you CharismaticMillie!:redface: I feel a little better and very grateful for your pointers on combing/brushing. I thought it was the comb that was important for the mats! Oops! I didn't use the slicker on mats because I thought it would just float over the mat or at most, break the hairs randomly. I always try teasing out the mat from the ends back to the base with the comb, and so thought having a proper comb with thinner, closer tines would have worked better.

Always glad to have the advice from PF! :D
You can use the slicker to break apart the mat much easier than you can with a comb and all the little tines tend to more widely distribute the area that you are separating, which helps break it apart faster. But honestly, if matting is bad enough that you have to start picking the mat apart, and there's more than 1 or 2, and it's taking awhile, that's when I usually feel like it's better to just shave the dog down. I've been known to take a 5 blade to my parents' dogs. ;)
And even when we normally do a great job there are times when things can just end up getting out of hand. Don't feel guilty, just bite the bullet and do what you have to for your dog to be comfortable. It is hair and it will grow back! Because of some recent medical issues I was really not able to do any meaningful combing and brushing on Lily (who had a long jacket). When I finally felt up for trying to get things straightened out with her this week I decided that the kindest things was to go over her with that 5 blade. We were both happier at the end than we would have been had I tried combing everything out.
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