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Birthday Calender?

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I was wondering why my birthday isn't on the calendar. :eek:hwell: Also wondering how I am able to add Ivan's birthday?
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If you go to your User CP (control panel) under the Edit Details section, have you agreed to display your age and full date of birth? My CP does allow that and I'm pretty sure my b-day is on the calendar...

Then I went to the calendar and clicked on the Add New Event and chose the date I needed and I just entered Lucybug's birthday on 08/31/10...

Hope this helps!!
"Incorrect time chosen. Make sure that a valid from time and to time is set. Make sure to either choose a pre-defined time or set your own."

When trying to make a reoccurring event of Ivan's birthday.
Oh my ... never even knew that we have B-day calendar !!!!!!:twitch:

I apologize if I missed anybody's B-day :eek:hwell:- I LOVE to send greetings - now I have to find where that thing is !!!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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