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Birthday Boy

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Donner turned 3 on April 28th. Here is his birthday photo:

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He looks great and happy :) Did he get a doggy cake ;);)

What color is donner? He is a beautiful boy
He's a blue. He has silver legs that look pretty neat when they grow out. He also has raccoon eyes that are striking.
Carlisimo Giovania (Carlo) is also a blue... but he is more of a parti-poodle. He has so many shades of grey... We were told they get their final color when they turn four. He is four now. Sasha Marie was that beautiful platinum color from the time she was 6..(That's what I was told) (we rescued her and I don't really know if that coloring had to do with all the stress she was under) She lived with a young man who had a drug problem and though he loved her to death, he left her alone for weeks at a time. At one point they lived in his truck. Finally one day after he was clean and sober and married, he just brought her over and said, I can't properly care for her... please take her. So we did. I know she knew she was rescued.. she was so sweet. (sorry to ramble.)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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