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Earlier this month, I thought online dog costumes (Amazon and chewy.com) were a bit pricey this year. Apparently other customers also felt this way, b/c now there are many discount sales. I visited a local Pet Smart yesterday and all of their high quality costumes were 50%.

With online deliveries being only a day or two, now is a good time to buy one or two, or make your own, and right on time for our PF October Photo Contest! Pics need not be elaborate, and can even have a simple pumpkin in the background. It's all for fun, click here to see and/or enter.

Here's a sample of one in costume from the annual Poodle Day 2019 in Carmel, CA, where they love to parade and dress up each October:

We have two categories this month:

1) Costumes! - Your poodle or poodle-mix is in costume or there's something in the background that suggests Halloween, or if you're not into Halloween, dressing up your poodle is fine.

2) Show Us Some Bum! - Here, the angle of your photo(s) will capture your poodle's fine rear end. For ideas, see this thread.

And I discovered this shot from another very old PF thread titled Poodle Butts Are Cute!

Entries accepted until the day after Halloween, Nov 1st.
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