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That's great that the patella isn't a problem! The eyes would be where I would spend my energy if I were you. There's 2 tests you could run.

The first is Optigen, which tests for the PRCD form of PRA. PRCD is the major cause of PRA in toys/ minis (up to 75%). PRA stands for Progressive Retinal Atrophy and causes blindness. Here's some info http://www.optigen.com/opt9_test_pra_poodle.html It is a pretty pricey test, I think it's about $195. http://www.optigen.com/opt9_price.html

If Optigen isn't of interest or is too expensive, the other thing I would consider is a CERF test. While Optigen tells you if the dog is genetically clear, a carrier or affected with PRA, a CERF looks at the eye and notes any cataracts or other eye changes. I personally think it's worth most pets being CERF'd just so you can be aware of any vision concerns. http://www.animaleyecare.net/diseases/cerf.htm You can look around your area for CERF clinics - sometimes breed clubs will offer them, or they might be offered at local conformation shows.

I wouldn't really worry about hips unless there appeared to be a problem.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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