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Big Girl :)

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Not quit finished, still need to scissor up her bell bottoms and even them out. I had a blast!


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From what I can see, I like that fro knot into the ears. :)
I love it!!! Looks like she is ready for Disco night. Can you post a few more pics. I would love to have Poppy cut that way this summer and photos are great to take to our groomer. You did a wonderful job!!!
Thanks guys. I haven't touched her topknot since I brought her home. I love it too. ^.^

I'll post some pictures later on today. :)
She looks SOOO good! I LOVE that TK. It looks really great on her. :) I wonder if Desmond can pull of hair like that... hmmm hahahaha
I trimmed her up a little bit more this afternoon. I think it turned out pretty well considering this is the 2nd time grooming a dog in my life. :p

Sorry she's laying down in all the pictures. I don't think she was in the mood to be photographed. :)


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fun pics

thanks for the pictures...i love looking at grooming pics. did u keep her feet long? I might just need to try this myself sometime! :)
Any excuse to show my baby off. ;)

Also, I'm not all the way finished with her feet. I still haven't done them yet. I probably will tomorrow. I still have to shape her bells...taking my time I guess. lol.

Oh...I'm pretty sure those aren't bellbottoms but I don't know what else to call 'em.
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