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Big boy hair clip..Kennel or summer clip?

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Hi all, after my previous post "pooh on fur" :doh: i am officially taking Winston for his big boy clip. He is now 6 months of age. I found a really nice groomer. She has spoo's of her own . over 20 years experience.

Anyhow - Winston will be going next week or sooner. I'm thinking of having her give him a kennel or summer clip. I'm more leaning towards the summer clip as i want him to have poms. I spoke to her about winstons chicken nugget tail and she told me there's a way to clip his behind to appear that his tail is longer.

She also told me that unfortunately winston will never have a fluffy pom tail (in time we can create a make shift one) - his tail was cut way to short (she was actually a bit shocked) . Groomer is also allowing me to sit through his grooming session. I was honest with her and told her - i plan to do the in between bathing and maybe try keeping up his sanitary area and face trimmed.
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To me a summer and kennel clip are the same thing. Short all over topknot clean face and feet, and a pom tail.

If you want poms on the legs that is called a miami.
And I recommend it :)
thank you for the "Miami" correction :)
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