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Glad to hear you got yourself a heater. I've never used an under tank heater before, would be interested to know how well it works. Do you have a way to measure the temp of the water as well? Also glad to hear you haven't bought into the bettas don't need to ever be fed if you put a plant in their tank story. Thats not true either lol.

I used to keep bettas in vases and those little tiny betta cups that they sell just about everywhere. NEVER AGAIN!! It is 100% correct that these fish are tropical which means warm water, not room temp. Room temp is cold water and would be something like goldfish. I also lost a couple to jumping before I learned they need a covered tank lol. Anyway the difference in the Bettas I kept was remarkable when they all got at the very least a once gallon tank with a small heater. The best was a 5 gallon. We had the same betta for three years and he was active and almost friendly in a fish sort of way until the day we found him a'float which was just a few months ago actualy. He was such a cool fish. I really hate it that you go into stores and pet shops these days and people who you woud think would know what they are talking about tell you a betta can be kept in a little bowl with little or no food needed and almost no care. In those cases the poor fishie just sits there. I can't say that they are unahppy because who am I to claim that I can read fish minds ROFL. I can say you will be SHOCKED at just how active these fish are when they are kept properly.

My sister is pretty bad about getting those lovely peace lilies complete with betta at the bottom of a vase and wonders why my bettas are always so different and longer lived than her little peave lilly betta :( Kind of makes me sad.

Oh by the way do you by chance already have experience with bloodworms?? If not I can't stress enough to be careful and try your first contact with them on a friday when you will have the rest of the weekend to recover. A lot of people are really allergic to them *raises hand* and have had all sorts of reactions. LoL. Both my eyes swelled shut and I had to take two days off work - yeah that was a fun phone call to make haha. Whats worse was we were expecting puppies at the time and wouldn't you just know that she went into labor that morning and here I was trying to get her to the vet clinic because we already knew she needed a c-section due to just having one very large puppy. Nice ROFL.

RIP Alpha betta Hahaha, we don' thave any bettas at the moment and I kind of miss them. They are SUCH pretty fish! I want a crowntail perhaps to put in the nursery but I have to convince hubby that we will have time to clean the tank after Nicholas is born lol.
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