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Greetings all

I am so grateful to be part of the community. Thank you for allowing me to be here. I look forward to meeting you all, and learning more about our furry friends.

Our product, Piddle Place Best Indoor Pet Potty is an indoor pet potty for times you can't be home or weather does not permit for a walk. I am a nurse, and I invented this for my dog. I was using puppy pads, but they were not sanitary, and my grandson told me they wind up in the landfills My cousin is a chemist that developed the bio+treatment in the Piddle Place that keeps it fresh and odor free. And tells our pets "this smells like grass, I can go potty here"

Sales from our product support many shelters, service dogs and humane causes. Your allowing us to be part of the community helps us remove the barriers to pet companionship.

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