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We have had issues with Casey when he was younger but he outgrew it but I must say the Leaks no more drops were awsome.
Are they positive he doesn't have stones? He could never be on any of the high protien food and did best on Pedigree though he now is doing well on the kirkland brand but if I put him on any of the grain free foods we start having accidents.
Almost like his kidneys can't flush the protiens properly or something but it is a thought of what is he eating for food?

I to would worry about the belly band causing burning so wouldn't want to do it all day and night. I would talk to vet about the water as I have also heard the habit thing of water drinking
Keep us updated and your an awsome owner to try to find a way to manage this poor guy rather then get rid of him or shove him out in a kennel where it wouldn't matter
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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