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Bella's mom

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Hi I'm new here and would love to share poodle stories. I'm sure there is lots of tips and fun stuff to learn from here as well. I have a 4 month old black standard poodle that is the center of attention in our home. She is so fun. can't wait for the teething to end.:)
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can't wait for the teething to end.:)

Welcome Bella's mom! I hear you on the teething. My poor boy is five months old and this past week has been hard on him. He lost a large canine and has two giant molars coming in. He's bleeding all over his toys and his mouth hurts so much I can't get him to eat anything other than soft foods at the moment.

And yes, he has been chewing everything he can get into his mouth! Only a few more months, right? :)
:welcome: can't wait to see pictures of your girl :)
I was lucky with my Belle she wasn't a chewer but my son's pup was horribly destructive, but he did outgrow it finally.
My poodle chews EVERYTHING including me. Her favourite are bras. :eek:hwell:
Welcome to the forum! :)

Teddy prefers shoes, preferably new ones that have never been worn. :eek:hwell:
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