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Beau's Second Haircut

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Beau just got back from the groomer. He's lookin' good, and knows it!

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Beautiful:) He is looking great BTW.
WOO, check out that tail!! He looks great! What a beautiful dog he is. I love his face. :)
Beau is looking good! He has a great coat and I love those ears.
gorgeous!!! :love:
I've discovered that trips to the groomer (or at least seeing the results thereof) are one of the most enjoyable things about owning a poodle. "Is that the same dog I brought in?!"
He looks great!!! Makes me want a mini! :D Your groomer did a great job. He is so striking!
He does look fabulous. He is SOOOO fluffy and looks like every hair is just the right length. What a happy boy!

Just when I thought it couldn't be better, I saw his 'casual' pics in the grass. He looks very regal laying there in the cool grass.
What a totally handsome boy, and what a truly lovely haircut. You groomer is to be commended!!
He's so handsome. I especially love his tail.
What a beautiful boy and a great grooming job.
WOO, check out that tail!! He looks great! What a beautiful dog he is. I love his face. :)
Exactly what I was thinking, too!

That tail is AWESOME! And he just looks so happy... he definitely knows that he is lookin' good :)
oh wow! He looks stunning!! What a gorgeous dog you have there!! SO photogenic! and your groomer did a perfect job on him IMO! Wow, I just love his face!
Wonderful pics and amazing groom! Your boy is so handsome!
He's a gorgeous boy, and something about his pose suggests he knows it too. :)
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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