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Beau starting all over

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I had to board Beau with my groomer this weekend because I can't trust my daughter to watch him. She said he was such a good boy. She groomed him for me and didn't charge me anything for him. She put halloween colors for a bandana and an orange bow in his hair. He did not like the bandana, so I took it off later on.

But here is the problem. I found sever matts on him. It is the first time he has ever had any. I guess that is because I was so afraid to comb him the night he had surgery and then I took him to be boarded and I was too tired last night to do it, plus I didn't find the matts till this mornig. Needless to say, it was like starting all over again. He tried nipping me and twisting, but I showed him I was the boss. He finally gave up. When I was through I gave him a nice treat.


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You could try to find a product called cowboy magic, in fact your groomer may have heard of it and might be able to direct you where to get it.

If all else fails you can buy it online! Just a dab on a matt will help it break right up!

I usually buy it when there is a dog show around they always have a vendor with the stuff.

I believe I posted info and al ink to buy it in one of Roxy's threads about blow drying Enzo.
Well petsmart doesn't carry it so I will have to look online. Debby

The first one is what I use, the detangler and shine. I think they have a store locater on there as well. You might find a local feed store that carries it.
I found one where my mom goes all the time, so I will go and get it. Thanks. I am going to get that one in the tube there. The first one and try it. Thanks for y'all pointing it out for me.

Oh hey.. they sell that stuff at a farm supply only 6 miles away from my home. Sweet deal 8D I'll have to check it out.
so do mats usually just show up when puppies get a bit older? I've yet to find any on Rogan and I only brush/comb him about once a week. Even when I do comb him, his fur feels like it was just combed! Is this just because it's still the silky soft puppy fur?
Generally the puppy coat is easy to keep, it's the change to adult coat that causes the worst mats, and then it depends on the type of adult coat they have as to if they'll be prone to matting up again or not...
Generally the puppy coat is easy to keep, it's the change to adult coat that causes the worst mats, and then it depends on the type of adult coat they have as to if they'll be prone to matting up again or not...
and at what age does that usually happen?
around 7-8 months of age. I would suggest cutting them down all over to avoid the mess.

I used a #4 on vega all over when his adult coat started coming in. It wasn't super short but short enough to make it easy to go through
It can be as late as 12-14 months old too! Not commonly though, more normally about 8 months.
At what age would you suggest to cut them down? Would you cut everything downn? Ears?


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it depends on the dog! If you are brushing down to the skin regularly with your pup, you will notice when it starts to change, it'll be getting thicker and harder to keep good, and the webbing will start pretty quick. If you can't keep ontop of it (daily/twice daily brushing to the skin is often required, and even then you can be breaking up webbing!) then they need shaved down then.
And sure ya can shave down the ears if you want, but usually people can keep ontop of the ears & head when that's all there is to keep ontop of! :)
My boy will be 10 months soon and has just started the coat change. Tsuki went through it for a few months... so like around 8 months for her.
Depending where the matts are you can use a matt breaker, petsmart sells them. Also make sure you have a slicker brush and a metal comb. These three tools will make it possible to break through the matts without leaving a bald spot. The matt breaker also doesnt hurt as much as just combing threw it. Good luck.
Mister, I have a slicker, but can't use it on Beau,it seems to hurt him. But I do comb with a metal comb all the way to the skin. He sits still for me to do it. I feel that since I am able to get all his hair that that's what counts.

A slicker should not hurt your dog unless he has short hair and it is scratching his skin. Its meant to go over the top of the coat and the comb is meant for getting down to the skin.
Bindi just started getting more matts, usually around the ears where they scratch and arm pits. I use a detangler, Crown Royal and the most wonderful brush, pricey but worth it's weight in gold, mason pearson with boarshead bristles and nylon. The best hint/advice I have gotten from a groomer/handler/owner. Got the junior one on Ebay. It dosen't hurt them like slickers can.
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