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Baxter at 7 months ;)

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It's hard to believe that this is the same puppy I rescued at 12 weeks! He is such a big boy now! Oh, these are big. I really did resize them....twice. I don't know what happened!

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He is soo cute!

Do you have him groomed or do you groom him yourself ? He looks great!
He looks very cute, those eyes are so sweet and loving, you couldn't deny him anything :smile:
Wow! what a difference in the coat isn't it? He looks great! Of course I loved the fuzzy face when he was younger lol like a teddy bear - but he is growing into a handsome poodle boy!
Awww, he looks so good with his new doo! The first picture is darling :love:
What a handsome young man! He is a lovely Cream! :)
Just Gorgeous!
Thanks everyone! ;) I am so proud of my little stinker!

I had just given him a bath and a blow dry before I took these pictures. I take him to the groomer for trims, but I bathe him and blow dry him in between visits. His coat has gotten so thick. It was soooo sparse and fluffy when I first got him. Also, when I first got him his whole coat was apricot. Now, the only apricot is on his ears and a strip down his back. lol! Crazy!
Is Baxter a mini or a standard? He is adorable!
Pamela- He's a miniature. He weighs in at about 10 lbs right now. ;)
Oh he is just such a handsome little man! Time does fly doesn't it?
He really is a adorable boy. You sure got lucky finding such a pretty boy at a rescue. He looks like a pedigree'd $2000.00 doggie. Shoot, he probably was! lol
SECRETO- Oh, bless your heart! I joke all the time that we got lucky and got a million dollar poodle for only $75! lol

When I first saw him, I had no idea what type of dog he was. lol! I have never seen a poodle puppy, and we weren't looking for one. I just knew that he was so puffy and cuddly! As soon as we opened his kennel, he went right up to me and snuggled into my neck when I picked him up! When the guy told me he was a poodle, I was shocked! Then he showed me his mother...and she clearly was a poodle. lol. I knew that I had to have this puppy. It was an instant connection with us. He and his mother had JUST been surrendered. We were the first ones to see him. It was just on a whim that I went to the shelter. It truly was fate. The lady at the shelter said that I was lucky because he would have been gone in hours. lol:high5:

Now I am addicted to poodles! I never thought I would own one...and now I just can't get enough!
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can you show us pics of when you first got him?
Here's some pics of when he first came home. This was within hours of getting him!!!

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Here's Pictures of his Mom, and when he was in his kennel at the shelter.

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Pamela- He's a miniature. He weighs in at about 10 lbs right now. ;)
He is soooo cute!
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