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He looks great! The only advice I can really say is from what little I have learned. The longer you leave the conditioner in, obviously the softer the hair will be...and easier to work with.

I start using the comb to work the conditioner through the hair...I have LONG hair myself (past my fanny) and learned that trick on my own hair. This also helps with ANY matting.

I honestly need to get a spray so I can save myself a bit of time...normally when I bathe the dogs they aren't very dirty. I have to bathe them to keep my allergies at a minimum, but I think I could cut back a bit if I had something to spray on their hair so everyday brushing is easier. I hate brushing their coats when its completely dry and I hit a mat or something stuck in the coat, and end up ripping out a chunk of hair!

I love the slicker brush for making the tangles easier to work with, too. I think if I had a spray conditioner to put on before I brush I could save them a ton of pain from the pulling...which I know they don't seem to mind, but still it bothers me!

I use 2 different shampoos (I have another for other dogs if the dog is covered in fleas or VERY DIRTY) but I admit I ran out of conditioner about a month ago. I am hoping for that for Christmas...maybe I will slip it into Daisy stocking but I bet she won't mind if I use it on the other dogs!
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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