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Bath time!

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I am so excited! I have an appointment for Ginger and Teddy to be bathed and brushed at the groomer tommorow. My shoulder is too painful for me to do right now but she is only charging me $30 each and she will pluck the ear hair and cut the nails too so its worth it to me right now. their hair is starting to grow in so I am anxious to see how ginger will look brushed out straight. She will be soo fluffy I am sure! lol Teddy has very very coarse, curly hair, I don't know how she will do with brushing him out but we will see. I will have my son take some pix with their new 'do' lol. then I will be able to see how long ginger's hair can be that I can handle. I know Teddy's will have to be cut short but he runs hot anyway and I also got them those snowsuits for the cold weather. If I can keep tangles and mats out of Ginger's hair I will let it grow a little longer. She is sooo pretty.
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I would hate to take T anywhere for grooming - not that I have any options anyway as the closest groomer is some 400km away and they are pretty much just vet nurses that shave down to the skin. I would take him back to his breeder but nowhere else, I will do him and while I'm learning he might look a little funny but at least I know how he is being handled and that he is in my care.

Can't wait to see the before and after pics *hint hint*
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