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Basil's is moving to a new apartment

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Hi everyone,

Basil here. Dad brought me home during Covid to a cozy 275 sq ft apartment. You can have very happy spoos in a tiny apartment, just don't forget the treats. He takes me on lots of walks and I keep grandpa and grandma company when Dad's a work.

I'm not really sure what's going on or where we're going but Dad says we've moving to a 690 SQ ft apartment a few miles away. Dad has left the print industry and now buys the supplies surgery at the local Hospital. Covid's been great with everyone retiring early and higher paying jobs opening.

Dad's girlfriend of 7 months has been coming over too and I am a happy happy girl hen she visits.


Alright Dad, chop chop, break's over.

Back to supervising.... Poodle life.

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How's the move going, Basil? Any updates?
Thank you everyone 🥰🥰

Move in date expected after the 9th of September, so we have some time.

I'm slowly starting to pack a van full of our possessions. Basil and I will be living with my folks after my lease expires (August 31st) until the unit is ready for us.
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