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Basic Grooming Tools

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I need to know what are the basic grooming tools I should get for my home for in betweens. Links would be great!! I basically want/need to know what kind of brush and or comb, clippers, dryer, ets. Thanks guys
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Lots of different types of shampoos, coat conditioners, coat refurbishers, - your not a true poodle person unless you have at least 15 half used bottles from 10 different companies sitting around :rofl:. No seriously choose a brand you like and see how you go. I know a lot of people recommend Aloveen, I personally haven't got to trying that yet, I'm waiting on a heap of Plush Puppy stuff I ordered a few days ago.

LOL! I think the poodle is definately the breed for me. I have a cabinet full of half used products for my own hair and probably just as many for my Maltese.
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