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Basic Grooming Tools

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I need to know what are the basic grooming tools I should get for my home for in betweens. Links would be great!! I basically want/need to know what kind of brush and or comb, clippers, dryer, ets. Thanks guys
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Ear powder and ear solution. However, on the ear solution, I do not put it down the ears and massage. The direction's say to, but to me thats just putting more moisture down a healthy ear. I advice just putting some on a piece of guaze and clean the ear as far as you can get.

I always pluck the hair out with my finger's after placing the ear powder in. You'll love ear powder! Then when I have finished the plucking and cleaning I finish by putting a little more ear powder in to help keep it dry.

Also, if you notice a odor from the ears, usually its a good sign that they need a good cleaning. After you clean them and remove all that smelly hair the odor is gone. Thats my experience with my Poodles and my Bichon I grew up with.
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