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Basic Grooming Supplies

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Hey, everyone. I know you're probably tired of hearing from me, but I have more questions.

I am so completely NEW to grooming that I have no idea what supplies I should buy for even basic grooming. Right now, we have a German Shepherd, we use a de-shedding brush for her undercoat, but other than that and her nails, she doesn't need much. So basically, she is the complete opposite of a poodle. ;)

We are getting a standard poodle puppy this summer, and I want to know my "must have" products, even if we don't plan to groom him completely on our own. What type of brush do I need? Are there any brands that I should avoid or prefer? Best shampoos? Do you bathe your dogs between full grooming, or just when they get groomed every 4-6 weeks?

I would love any grooming advice that you all have for me. I am starting my Amazon list for buying puppy supplies, and it's sorely lacking in the grooming department. :)

Thank you!
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2. Get a brush with long pins or teeth. I have a 27mm slicker brush because it reaches further into his coat. I also have a long teeth comb. Not sure about the length but it is great getting to the root of the hair.
I got these:
Does this matter as much if you are not going with a show grooming style verses a pet grooming style?
My girl Phoebe was very low maintenance in a Miami/Clown. She didn't even shed until the last few months of her life. She was pure spoo though
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