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Basic Grooming Supplies

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Hey, everyone. I know you're probably tired of hearing from me, but I have more questions.

I am so completely NEW to grooming that I have no idea what supplies I should buy for even basic grooming. Right now, we have a German Shepherd, we use a de-shedding brush for her undercoat, but other than that and her nails, she doesn't need much. So basically, she is the complete opposite of a poodle. ;)

We are getting a standard poodle puppy this summer, and I want to know my "must have" products, even if we don't plan to groom him completely on our own. What type of brush do I need? Are there any brands that I should avoid or prefer? Best shampoos? Do you bathe your dogs between full grooming, or just when they get groomed every 4-6 weeks?

I would love any grooming advice that you all have for me. I am starting my Amazon list for buying puppy supplies, and it's sorely lacking in the grooming department. :)

Thank you!
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Slicker brush and metal comb are the must haves.
Shampoo is whatever pet brand you prefer.
Brands really depend on personal preference.
If you're getting your dog groomed every 4-6 week you likely don't need to bath in between unless he gets really dirty, but you can if you want to. My mini poodle gets bath every 4-10 weeks depending on when I feel like taking the effort to groom him (and no bathing in between or brushing except maybe his long topknot as he doesn't matt/tangle much), my show standard gets bathed once a week.
Important thing is to dry the dog after bathing or any tangles the dog has will tighten and get worse. For pet owners it's not a bad idea to brush/comb before the bath and then again after.
Youtube 'Line brushing'
This is a very good post and I completely agree with it.
I've learned a few things because I've been bathing Lucky almost every two weeks.
1. Splurge on a slicker brush but don't pay extra for a comb. The slicker brush metal actually wears out on the cheap ones relatively quickly. I don't regret getting the big K slicker brush from CC. By comparison, the thick metal teeth on a comb can be made from any material and it will never die.

2. Get a brush with long pins or teeth. I have a 27mm slicker brush because it reaches further into his coat. I also have a long teeth comb. Not sure about the length but it is great getting to the root of the hair.
I got these:

The reason I've been bathing Lucky every two weeks is because I've decided to bring him back to the dog park, because he has so much fun there. He is always the cleanest dog going in and dirtiest coming out. LOL You have to see it to believe it! I'll post some photos next time. I've never come out of the dog park without at least one joke about where my white dog went every time. :aetsch:
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Ahhh the phantom Chris Christensen items!!! I looked up amazon.ca and they are crazy expensive compared to US amazon. They don't seem to carry them in Canada or I haven't looked enough. (If any of the Canadian friends can point me to the right direction that would be amazing!). I really want to try using CC products!
Can you order it directly from Christ Christensen's website? Everything will ship from Texas.
Does this matter as much if you are not going with a show grooming style verses a pet grooming style?

I actually have a poodle mix and can't show him. It probably isn't necessary but it makes life easier. I've have a lot of pets and nothing harder to groom than a poodle imho. Hehe. It is either hard to groom or lots of vacuuming... tradeoff

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