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I have found the best way to teach any of my dogs not to bark when told not to is to block them physically from the area where they are barking, like looking out a window, etc., telling them "no bark" and each time they bark or even buff I step toward them and make them back up further away from what they want to bark at. I don't "release" the dog until he/she is calmed down and not attempting to bark, buff or even look intently at the area they want to go and bark in. I don't touch the dog with my body, just step in front of them when they want to move back to the spot they want to bark or move toward them to force them to back up and tell them "no" or "no bark". I say nothing to them IF they are quiet, but just stand in front of them till their body relaxes and their attention is diverted from what they want to bark at. My toy poodle had started this at home recently and he is already "getting it" about when I say "no bark". He still sometimes persists if he is all wound up but I just quietly block him if he does and force him back each time he makes a noise and the amount of time it takes him to calm down and be quiet is getting extremely short now.

When I am out in public and my toy poo barks at another dog, I immediately make him move in another direction and tell him "no" or "no bark" and then make him sit quietly and watch the other dog. IF he gets over excited while looking, I make him turn around or move away with a leash correction and repeat the process, when he sits and watches the dog with a relaxed attitude I give him lots of praise and, if the other person is willing, I then allow him to visit the other dog. His problem with barking at other dogs is that he gets overexcited about wanting to visit with the dog, so he is not allowed to visit till he is showing a calm attitude. Yes, this takes time, but it is very productive time. I have only been doing this with him for a couple weeks now and he is already stopping with only a couple corrections and making him sit. He is getting the idea that he can have what he wants IF he is calm.

So, I suggest you keep at it. It is not an overnight fix, but you will find that your girl will get quiet down quicker and quicker as time goes on, you will not have to do it all of her life..lol. BUT, you may well have to "remind" her once in a while. The thing is, you should not allow her to go back to wherever she wants to be till she is calm and IF she calms down then goes at it again once back to where she wants to be, then you need to repeat the process till she is quiet looking out the window. Then she should be praised. It does take time, but it is time well spent and all of a sudden you will realize that you aren't having the problem anymore. Oh, and if you won't have time to correct her, like you will need to go to work, I would not let her get into a place where you know that she will have to be corrected. It is better to not allow the situation to happen when you don't have time to deal with it so she can learn.

Best of luck with her. I am sure she will settle down well with consistent reminders of what you want from her. :)
Very good advice!!! This is how we trained Chloe to stop barking when told. Even if she is out in the back yard and barking a long with other dogs, we just tell her quiet and she'll stop the barking. She really is a wonderful girl.
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