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Banding Topknot Question

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So I am growing Lincoln out to put him in a show coat next year (he's not being shown.. just think it'll be cool to compete with him in agility with a show coat) and his topknot is moving over his eyes.

Is there a secret to putting it in a small ponytal like.. but blends in with his topknot and just allows him to see a bit more?
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I had to tie up the front of Paris' top knot when it was growing out for our grooming competition:
before (after a bath, so it's fluffed up a lot. You can imagine what it was like after it flopped!)


When I did it, I made a part across her head, lining up with the outside corners of her eyes. Tied up the front bit in a band, and 'tightened it' backwards towards the rest of the topknot so it sat within it and you didn't really notice it.
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